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Finally, a more effective type of mental health treatment.

Katie’s Way TMS provides the only FDA-cleared TMS treatment that stimulates deeper and broader to more effectively treat depression and PTSD with associated MDD.

At Katie’s Way TMS, mental health care is personal – from concept to reality, the clinic was developed through the lens of a patient… Some core principles guided the start of Katie’s Way, and these have continued to be a mainstay during our growth.
  • Team-Based Care
  • Non-Institutional Environment
  • People that can make a personal Connection
  • Progressive Solutions
  • Team-Based Care
  •  Non-Institutional Environment
  • People that can make a personal connection
  • Progressive Solutions


  • Covered by Most Insurance
  • 11% Remission Rate
  • Many Side Effects
  • Systemic

Normal TMS

Repetitive TMS
  • Covered by Most Insurance
  • Non-Systemic
  • 36% Remission Rate
  • Can't Move During Treatment
  • Only Stimulates 1cm deep

Deep TMS

Katie's Way Deep TMS
Best Choice
  • Covered by Most Insurance
  • 60% Remission Rate
  • Few Side Effects
  • Non-Systemic
  • Comfortable Helmet that Allows Movement
  • Stimulates 3.5cm Deep

Why Katie's Way Deep TMS is Right for You


Deep TMS is safe enough to be used by expecting mothers


70% of patients see significant improvements in their mood


Deep TMS brings the latest in depression treatment to you


Requires just 30 minutes of your day.

What is Deep TMS

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or dTMS, is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment option that offers long-term relief for major depression. This revolutionary treatment uses magnetic fields to stimulate areas of the brain that control mood and are underactive in people with depression. This technology is available at Katie’s Way. With dTMS you can regain a sense of well-being and enjoy a better quality of life in just a few weeks.

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Katie’s Way is revolutionizing the treatment of depression with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation. If you have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD), or suffer from PTSD with associated MDD then deep TMS from Katie’s Way could be the answer for you.

Katies Way Deep TMS

Is Deep TMS for Me?

FDA-cleared and Non-drug

Non-invasive with no drug-related side effects.

Fits into your current treatment

Can be stand-alone treatment or along with your existing medication.

More Effective than rTMS

Deep TMS provides better results than older versions of TMS

Covered by Most Insurance

We handle the paperwork.

Real Patient Stories

“I can honestly say that I have benefited from the treatments more from the last few weeks, over the 15 years of medication.”
Antonio P.
“Within 2-3 sessions my sleep begin to regulate and that was massive! That took the edge off the depression immediately. ”
Amity V.
“My life has gone from a series of mostly neutral to bad, to I didn’t have a bad day for over a month!”
Clinton C.

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